Susan Elliott (Lead singer, Banjo Player, Songwriter)

Susan Elliott started playing guitar when the notion struck her and that notion morphed into a variety of projects.  Her current hat includes songwriting and exploring different genres of music. Susan is a singer/songwriter with a whimsical sense of humor and decidedly wicked muse who refuses to be silenced. She has recently released her first CD, an eclectic mix of jazz and Americana.

Scott Dean (Guitar)

Scott Dean is guitar man extraordinaire and he has previously played with Dovie McCoy in Dovie's Country Gospel and with Mike Liles and the Blue Ridge Ramblers.

JT Martin (Vocals and Mandolin)

JT Martin grew up in Norman Okalahoma, the Grandson of a Pentecostal Minister; true to the gospel traditions of the south.  JT and Garth Brooks were choir mates and Trish sends JT a Christmas card every year thanking him for setting Garth on the path of his true calling.

Bill Christensen (Bass)

Bill Christensen is a new addition to the collective. He is a multi-facted musician with numerous projects on his plate including his own CD. Bill plays Bass and guitar and adds his delicious baritone harmony to the mix.

Richard Askew (Dobro)

Richard Askew is considered one of the area's better dobro players in his price range.  Originally from Santa Barbara, he developed his love of bluegrass on family visits to see his uncle, Homer Scrogins, in Glory Holler West Virginia - a town so rustic and remote that even the Unitarians open carry, vote Republican and use snakes in their church services. Richard formerly played dobro with Sawdust Creek.

He is also the band jester.

David Prager (Octave Mandolin)

David Prager has joined the collective and we couldn't be happier. Playing octave and tenor mandolin, David promised to add a unique sound with his dynamic rhythm and kickass lead.